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Alcohol Detox Program

Alcohol Detox ProgramIf you’re searching for an affordable and effective alcohol detox program, consider Yellowstone Recovery. Through a wide range of treatment options, from detox to sober living and everything in between, Yellowstone Recovery is able to bring addicts through the crucial steps along the road to recovery. If you or your loved one is seeking help for alcohol addiction, there is no better facility in Southern California.

Yellowstone Recovery offers two options to detoxification: cold turkey and medication assisted. Cold turkey detox is the method that is most recommended, since detox will typically take less time and there are less complications throughout the process. In extreme cases however, medication assisted detox may be the best method to get through the withdrawal phase.

Since alcohol is a legalized drug, it can be difficult to ascertain whether you or a loved one is addicted. The symptoms of alcohol addiction include:

– Morning tremors
– Being unable to quit drinking
– Loss of control over drinking habits
– Relationship troubles
– Health problems
– Falling behind on daily tasks
– Guilt
– Missed work
– Participating in risky behavior
– Experiencing blackouts
– Legal problems
– Personal injury
– Worried friends or family

Extended periods of heavy drinking can shrink the frontal lobes of the brain, permanently impairing one’s cognitive ability, making it a very dangerous activity to indulge in. Alcohol addiction typically destroys relationships and everything else along the way, if given enough time. If you’d like to make a change in your life, consider an affordable alcohol detox program at Yellowstone Recovery.

You or your loved one’s alcohol addiction may have been caused by a single contributing factor or a combination of factors that can include genetics, your environment, and your mental health condition. Experts on the field are not in agreement as to which of these factors contribute the most weight to dependency, however they understand that alcohol addiction is established as a way to maximize the pleasurable effects that come from drinking. Unfortunately, within short amount of time, drinking is no longer as pleasurable as it was at first.

It can be tempting for alcohol addicts to think that their problem is not drug related and that they can therefore detox at home. The problem with that logic is that first, alcohol is, in fact, a drug. The second problem is that self-detox is not only ineffective, it is extremely dangerous. Withdrawal can often include hallucinations, nausea, delirium tremens, convulsions, insomnia and even heart seizure. Detox should always be carried out at a licensed facility.

The medical staff at Yellowstone Recovery’s alcohol detox program are professionally qualified to help you or your loved one through the initial phase of detox. Once detox is complete, preparation will begin for the second phase of the recovery program: Primary Care and Residential Treatment.

Make the call that will change everything. Contact the best alcohol detox program in Orange County by calling 888-418-4188 or go online to, where you’ll find a tremendous amount of helpful information about the programs available, a great FAQ page that will answer some of your most pressing questions, an informative blog to help you understand you are not alone in this journey, and everything you’ll need to get connected with Yellowstone.

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