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In primary care, the focus was on breaking the addiction and learning new skills for sobriety. In this next phase of extended care, the focus will be on using what’s been learned and preparing for life after treatment.

Why Is Extended Care Rehabilitation So Important?

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Extended care shifts the focus from the immediate danger of addiction to the long-term plan for sobriety. Here’s why it’s so valuable:

  • 90-day programs from extended care drug rehab facilities lower relapse risk, and anything shorter than that has limited effectiveness.¹
    • In one study, 35% of cocaine users treated for fewer than 90 days reported relapse within a year. The rate was only 17% for those treated for 90 days or longer.²
  • It creates a smooth transition by giving clients time to re-focus, develop routines, improve their health, find a job, etc.
  • Addiction changes the brain, and it can take quite a while for it to recover and “re-wire” itself. Imaging from methamphetamine users found that individuals’ brain function was significantly better after 14 months of abstinence than after 1 month of abstinence.³

Why Choose Yellowstone Recovery?

Our Orange County, CA rehab has helped thousands overcome addiction through clinically backed therapeutic methods and strong, compassionate support. In addition to receiving safe medical detox and therapy during primary care, our residents receive invaluable support and employment assistance during extended care.

Extended care drug rehab centers don’t have to be boring. With activities ranging from weekend softball games to social events, we do our best to make extended care engaging and fulfilling, empowering clients to stay for the full treatment period.

How Extended Care Works in Our Residential Treatment Programs

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By this point in treatment, Yellowstone clients have been attending daily meetings, found a sponsor, and started working the 12 steps. They’re knowledgeable about addiction, have a relapse prevention plan, and are armed with new coping skills. In extended care, they’ll continue working their program and practicing what they’ve learned so far.

The secondary goal of extended care is for clients to find employment—5 days a week, residents search for a “get well job” to work during treatment. We provide fare for an all-day bus pass on job search days, and we encourage residents to find jobs along bus routes that pass close to their residence.

We’ve been successfully helping sober clients find jobs for 17 years, and many local businesses will contact us with open positions before advertising anywhere else. This gives residents early access to nearby job openings, and businesses know that we provide reliable candidates.

Family Visits and Off-Site Passes

As of day 31, family can start visiting on Sunday afternoons. The first visit is on site and is limited to 2 hours. Extended visits for families traveling longer distances require special approval. After the first week, residents can start requesting off-site passes to spend time with family elsewhere. At day 60, they can request overnight passes (every other weekend).


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