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When dealing with the disease of alcoholism the individual with the addiction is not the only one to suffer. The family members suffer as well. Alcoholism is a family disease and everyone plays a part. The alcoholic needs recovery and the family needs a support system around them, a family support group that teaches them how to act around their loved ones. Families of alcoholic’s are not to blame for their loved one’s issues, but they do play a role in the enabling process of one’s addiction that can progress to a state of uncontrollable nature.

Family support group members will learn how to set boundaries with their loved ones. They cannot just concede to anything or let down their guard for fear their loved one may react badly. They must take a strong, firm hold on their lives and their possessions to protect themselves and any other members of the family. Anyone in the family of age needs to understand how this disease works and how to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

Our family support group teaches families how to get to the solution side of the disease. It demonstrates how to reward the addict who has made progress in his or her recovery and to not believe promises about what positive plans they are going to carry out next. Like we say, it is progress not perfection. Our family support group also teaches the family they cannot keep their loved one sober, a program of recovery is vital. Families can no longer tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol in their homes and have to be able to cut any and all ties with their loved ones if they cannot stop drinking or using. The damage an addict’s drinking and using takes on the family is almost embarrassing. There is no hesitation to act badly on an addicts part and they will not only self-destruct, but will also destroy anything and everything on their path to hitting rock bottom.

family holding hands at parkAs all of our clients are told in groups and meetings they are not alone and this goes for families as well. You are not alone. Every member of the family is affected and for every alcoholic and addict there is an entire family suffering because of their abusive and unethical behaviors. One of the biggest parts of our family support group is the opportunity to meet other families who have been damaged just like yours. Although you may believe your loved one did things that were almost unspeakable, and to a degree probably were, other families have gone through virtually the exact same things. The main purpose of our family group is to share our experiences, give strength, and instill hope into the hearts and souls of the families that suffer from the repercussions of their loved one’s disease.

There is a solution, a light at the end of the tunnel, and a beautiful life for your loved one ahead. It takes a little work, a lot of faith, and a strong family support group.

Trust and believe this program can save your loved ones life, pick up the phone (888) 418-4188.

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