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Primary Care – Residential Treatment

The first phase of our program is primary care. During this phase clients will be in a 30-day “blackout” period where they will not be allowed contact with anyone outside of the program. The purpose of the blackout period is twofold; blackout gives the clients time to work on themselves without worrying about what is going on outside the program and it also gives the families of the clients a chance to rest easy knowing that their loved one is in a safe place and they won’t be getting “that call.” Although clients are not allowed to contact anyone outside the facility they can agree to let people outside the facility contact staff for progress updates while they remain in primary care.

Primary Care Treatment

family time
Primary care introduces clients to the 12-step programs of recovery and addiction counseling. Clients will attend 12-step meetings on a nightly basis with their house while under the supervision of their house manager and other staff members. During the week (Monday – Friday) clients will attend Day Treatment from 9am-3pm where they will attend group and individual session. Lunch is provided for all clients during the lunch hour at 11am.

Each week clients will have 20 hours of mandatory group counseling. The majority of that time is spent in group sessions with other clients in the same phase of their recovery. The full day treatment curriculum can be found here . Each week the client will have a one individual session with a certified substance abuse counselor. Additional individual session will occur at the client’s request or when a counselor feels they are necessary.

Primary Care at a Glance

Each primary care home is run slightly differently depending on the house manager but the requirements above are the same for all clients. Each morning clients will wake up and participate in morning mediation where the house will read portions of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Some house will read out of additional books or recite items such as the step they are on or their sponsor’s name and phone number. After morning meditation clients will get ready to head out to Day Treatment where they will gather with members of other houses to learn about the disease of addiction and how they can work together to maintain long term sobriety.
Once Day Treatment has concluded for the day clients will return home where they will cook a family style meal, have down time to work on counseling assignments or step work and do their daily chores. After dinner has been cleaned up the clients will attend a 12-step meeting with their house. Transportation to all outside meetings and activities is provided and staff is present to supervise clients at all times when they are off campus. When the house returns home from their meeting clients will have more down time, they can use the time to reflect on their day and prepare for the next.

Weekends at Yellowstone are more relaxed. On Saturday morning there is a meeting which is followed by an extended period of down time where most clients will meet with their sponsors to review the progress they have made on their step work over the previous week. On Saturday evening each home will attend an outside 12-step meeting before turning in. On Sunday mornings the clients from both extended and primary care will gather to play softball, participation is encouraged but not mandatory, clients participate in the actual practice of Yellowstone’s sober softball team and this is where new clients can show their interest in joining the team once they have completed primary care. On Sunday afternoon there is Speaker meeting that Yellowstone clients will attend while their families are attending family group. After the speaker meeting the remainder of the day is free to work on assignments that are due the following week.

Primary care will keep clients very busy working on recovery for their addiction. They will have the support of the staff, addiction counselors, sponsors and alumni to help get them through this period of their sobriety. Over 5,000 men and women have found recovery at Yellowstone. Are you ready to join them in sobriety? Please call (888) 418-4188.


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