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How Much Does Rehab Cost?

To be certain, your health and the health of your loved ones are worth more than the money. Nevertheless, effective treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is a significant investment, the size of which is one of the foremost concerns for clients and their families.

Most rehab facilities will do their best to consider their clients’ financial needs and develop a feasible payment plan. Before you get to that stage, however, it’s a good idea to take the time to explore different programs and facility amenities to make sure you’re getting quality treatment at a good value.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Rehab

Because facilities and treatment plans can vary drastically from low-cost to luxury (and everything in between), it’s hard to nail down the average cost of rehab in the United States. Even with a clear statistic, it would do little to help individuals accurately predict how much their own treatment might cost.

To improve your estimate and help you identify the most affordable programs, consider how each of the following factors might impact the overall cost of your treatment.

The Facility

One of the clearest influences on addiction rehab costs is the facility itself. From standard maintenance and supplies to staff wages and administrative fees, numerous little details can add dollars and cents to your final bill. While many treatment centers are registered as nonprofit organizations, that’s not always the case. If the rehab you’re considering is a private facility, be aware that prices may be set to generate some level of profit.

Costs also vary based on a facility’s compatibility with your current insurance plan. If your policy does not include a certain type of treatment or the center doesn’t work with your insurer, the costs will naturally be greater. Before you decide on a facility, make sure you look into whether it’s a good fit for your insurance policy. A reliable rehab will help you verify eligibility and coverage benefits beforehand.

Geographic Location

Geographic Location To The Rehab Facility

Just as things like property values and cost of living change with the territory, the cost of addiction treatment tends to vary with geographic location. Factors like medical supply costs, client demand, and minimum staff wage can all vary from state to state, impacting treatment costs.

Centers situated in popular scenic or upscale locations also tend to cost more than those in less to offset the expense of operating in the area. If being near the ocean, in the mountains, or among other such surroundings is a powerful source of peace and inspiration for you, however, the cost may well be worth it.

Location is also relevant if you will be traveling out of state to the rehab facility. Although travel costs are usually minimal and are separate from actual treatment costs, things like plane tickets, gasoline, food and temporary housing (for outpatient clients) will all contribute to your overall expenses.

Program Size

The size of the program you choose and the magnitude of its operations (the number of clients and staff, resource use, etc.) will also affect its cost. A small program with only a few clients that can be handled by a small staff, for example, will expend fewer resources (and require less funding) than one in that treats a large number of clients at a time or is in especially great demand. Program size may also be affected by location, as facilities in areas where addiction rates are higher may need to accommodate a greater number of clients.

Treatment Program Options

Of course, the kind of treatment you receive in your chosen program will be a major factor in determining the cost. Clients who require detox before other treatment will pay for detox-related care and/or medications in addition to other program costs.

Those in residential on-site programs can expect to pay more than those in outpatient programs, as residential clients receive 24-hour care, housing, food, and other benefits that those in outpatient programs do not. Similarly, intensive outpatient (IOP) clients can expect to pay a bit more than standard outpatient clients for the additional services and resources.

Program Length

Schedule Calendar And Timetable Management

Unsurprisingly, the longer you’re in treatment, the more you’ll pay for your time there. A 30-day program will inherently cost less than a 90-day program. Extending your time in rehab will also increase costs; following a residential program with outpatient treatment or sober living, for example, is an additional expense. Have a financial contingency plan for such extensions, as you may feel at the end of your program that you’re not entirely ready to fly solo.

Though you may be tempted to cut your stay short to save money, leaving early won’t achieve that goal. You won’t recover what you’ve already spent, and the risk of relapse from incomplete treatment means you may invalidate that investment altogether.

Specific Features and Amenities

The unique features and amenities of a given treatment center also have an effect on costs. Amenities like pools, fitness centers, private rooms, leisure areas, gardens, personal services, and other “extra benefits” all incur costs for maintenance, staffing, equipment, etc. Clients may also pay more for programs that cater to a specific gender, age, faith, or personal preference.

Comparing Standard, Luxury and Low-Cost Rehab Options

Most addiction treatment centers have mid-range prices and offer a standard set of features and treatment programs designed to serve an average variety of clients. Clients whose finances are limited may find significant benefit from a low-cost non-profit facility. On the opposite end of the spectrum, wealthier clients who prefer a more comfortable, amenity-rich experience might choose a private luxury facility.

The more luxurious and exclusive the facility, the more costly its services will be. Yellowstone Recovery strives to bridge the gap between cost and comfort by providing high-quality treatment in a beautiful seaside location while maintaining the lowest rehab costs in all of southern California.

Rehab Cost vs. Addiction: Can You Afford to Stay Sick?

For some clients and their families, the cost of addiction treatment seems like an immovable obstacle. Those who are deeply addicted and already hesitant about going to rehab may even grab on to the financial issue and use the excuse “we can’t afford it” to refuse help and deflect pressure from loved ones. The truth, however, is that no amount of money is greater in value than a human life. The health and personal freedom that clients regain through treatment far outweigh the material investment.

If you still aren’t convinced that drug rehab is worth the cost, consider this question: If a loved one were diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, how much would be too much to pay for his or her survival? Would you decline chemotherapy based on expense, or would you look for affordable ways to finance the treatment?

Under the lens of a well-known, low-stigma illness like cancer, the cost of treatment seems minimal in comparison to saving a person’s life. Although addiction and cancer are not the same, both have a very real potential to be fatal. If a dependency on drugs or alcohol is leading you down a path of deteriorating health, your life is absolutely at stake. You deserve the same chance at survival that you’d give to a loved one who is fighting a terminal illness.

Finding a Payment Option That Works for You

Businesswoman Signing And Checking Account

Even if the cost of rehab is no issue in your decision to seek treatment, you may still struggle to figure out where to start with getting the funds you need. We at Yellowstone Recovery are dedicated to providing treatment that is both effective and affordable. Part of that effort is assisting clients in finding the right payment options and financing solutions for their needs.

As a registered non-profit organization, helping those in need afford the treatment they deserve is one of our foremost core values. If you need help to break free from a drug or alcohol addiction, don’t let the financial aspect scare you away—our staff can walk you through your options and ease your cost-related anxiety.

Call Yellowstone Recovery today at (888) 418-4188 to discuss program costs and begin your journey back to health and happiness.

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