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Outpatient Treatment

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Outpatient Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol

Outpatient treatment serves as aftercare for clients who have completed extended care (90 days of residential treatment). Clients in outpatient treatment are required to attend 3 groups sessions each week. Clients will also be required to attend an individual session every other week. This session is to turn in assignments and complete objectives on their treatment plan. Participation in 12-step recovery is also a requirement for outpatient treatment. Each client must attend at least 4 meetings per week and be actively working the 12-steps with a sponsor.


Outpatient Treatment Group and Individual Sessions

All group and individual sessions are facilitated by certified drug and alcohol counselors. Each session takes place in the evening. This allows clients to work during the day so they can be fully self-supporting. The group sessions are aimed at processing daily living. Other members of the group can provide feedback on what has worked for them in similar situations. Individual sessions are set to help each individual continue to work on core issues that affect recovery. These core issue were identified while in residential treatment.

Outpatient Treatment Accommodations.

Clients have the option of moving home with their families and returning to outpatient groups or staying with us in sober living for added support. Clients in sober living have many privileges they did not have while in extended care. Clients can choose their own meetings, take extended passes and will have later curfews. The outpatient treatment and sober living requirements mirror each other so that clients have a concrete set of rules.


Outpatient treatment is a vital part of every client’s recovery. Prolonged exposure to treatment increases the client’s chance of long term sobriety exponentially. It really extends the amount of knowledge they can gain about their addiction and keeps them in a constant practice of recovery. It demands some work on their part which should come easily to them after completing residential treatment. Outpatient treatment is a way for clients to solidify their foundation before they are out in the real world and completely responsible for their own sobriety!


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