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Program Curriculum

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Anger Management

The information presented in this group is designed to deliver group cognitive behavioral anger management treatment to clients with substance abuse issues.

Sample Topics:

  • Events and Cues
  • Anger Control Plans
  • The Aggression Cycle
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • Anger and the Family
Art Therapy

Expressing cognitive therapy, thought art and using the medium as a primary source of communicating both emotional and cognitive thoughts.

Boundaries and Barriers

With the information presented in this group, the client learns effective mastery in building self-esteem, rational thinking, forgiveness and enlarging possibilities.

Sample Topics:

  • Self-Esteem and How It Develops
  • The Basics of Human Worth
  • Recognize and Replace Self-Defeating Thoughts
  • Liking the Face in the Mirror
  • Understanding Stress
Core Values of Recovery

The focus for this group is to explore the values of being in recovery. It is designed to show the client that we are not solely the sum of our behaviors but that we can be caught in a cycle of inescapable choices. By recognizing the harm that we do to others and by realizing that we have assets, we are able to solidify our ability to change.

Sample Topics:

  • People Effected by Our Behavior
  • Comparison of Faults and Assets
  • Understanding Total Life Recovery
  • My Personal Goals in Treatment
Early Recovery Skills

Early Recovery Skills is an 8 lesson, 4 week course that meets twice a week during the first month of treatment. This program will introduce the clients to the basic tools of recovery and aid clients in stopping drug and alcohol use. Each lesson will introduce a new skill set for continued recovery.

Sample Topics:

  • Stop the Cycle
  • Identifying External Triggers
  • Identifying Internal Triggers
  • Interdiction Self Help Activities
  • Body Chemistry in Recovery
  • Common Challenges in Recovery
  • Thinking, Feeling and Doing
  • Wisdom in Recovery
Educational Videos

Addiction and its affects are explored through the medium of films and videos. The presentation of information in this form helps the client visualize and conceptualize particular ideas and concepts pertaining to their education and sobriety.

Sample Topics:

  • Clean and Sober
  • Drunk in Public
  • Pleasure Unwoven
  • My Name is Bill W.
  • Overtaken
  • Behind the Orange Curtain
  • Lost Weekend
Family Values

This group is designed to educate the client on how substance abuse can lead to or add to an already dysfunctional family. We investigate new family values and explore ways of implementing new values within the family structure.

Sample Topics:

  • Healthy Family Development
  • Identifying the Family Roles
  • Addiction Spiral and the Family Disease
Peer Group Evaluation

This is a uniquely designed group where the clients are held accountable by those of their own recovery community. Their assets and strengths are evaluated along with the weaknesses and shortcomings which are explored in a peer group setting. Each client is provided with affirmation and constructive criticism from the perspective of their own recovery community.

Sample Topics:

  • What Have You Done for Your Recovery?
  • Helping Others, Who is Your Eskimo?
  • Behavior – Benefits and Consequences
  • Assets Affirmation
  • Balance in Action
  • Constructive Criticism Exercise
Personal Growth

The purpose of this group is to assist the client in personal growth with the process of self-realization, individualizing assets and weakness, learning new skills to promote change by obtaining emotional balance and improving self-esteem.

Sample Topics:

  • Understanding the Thought Process
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Problem Solving
  • Whole Person Wheel of Self Actualization
  • Thoughts, Emotions & Behavior
  • Personal Recovery Journal
Physiology & Effects

This is an educational group providing the facts about substance abuse and their effects on the human body. The client is educated in the long term and short term effects of abuse and the effect on the central nervous system. They will also be advised of the health risks of continued abuse on the human body.

Sample Topics:

  • The Effect of Opiates on the Human Body
  • Alcohol and the Brain
  • Methamphetamine – Long Term Effects
  • Hooked – Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way
  • Mind Games
  • HIV/STD Education

The peer support group initialized in these settings is used to explore and overcome the long term bio/psycho/social problems that are indicative of long term incarceration.

Sample Topics:

  • Social Integration
  • Changing Direction
  • Problem Solving Peer Groups
  • Re-Adjusting Social Skills
Recovery Potential Discussion

This is a peer based open discussion group where our potential for recovery is reviewed. The client interaction is encouraged to provide different perspectives and perceptions of current client growth.

Sample Topics:

  • Targeting Obstacles
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Self-Awareness
  • Motivation/Intent
Recovery Techniques

The purpose of this group is to give the client alternatives to substance abuse/dependency. Different methods of recovery are explored and explained, offering both the pros and cons of the alternative forms of recovery.

Sample Topics:

  • Exploring the 12 Steps
  • Moderation Management
  • Harm Reduction
  • Building a Sober Network
  • Challenging Social Skills
Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention enables the client to recognize personal stressors and triggers that lead to relapse and identify behaviors that are harmful to continued sobriety. Through education, an individualized relapse prevention plan can be actualized for each client.

Sample Topics:

  • Relapse Warning Signs
  • Triggers and Cravings
  • Cycle of Relapse
  • Set-Up Behavior
  • Relapse Justification
Spiritual Growth

An interdiction into the spiritual principles of recovery. This group helps provide an uplifting new experience for the clients as they explore their own personal spiritual growth.

Sample Topics:

  • Spiritual Principles of the 12-Steps
  • Meditation – Seeking Balance
  • Serenity – The Inner Peace
  • Reduce Anger with Acceptance
  • What is My Spiritual Score

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