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Affordable Intensive Outpatient Program in Orange County for Substance Abuse Disorders

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) help people establish the foundations for lifelong sobriety. Designed for those who don’t need or who have already completed detox, IOP offers the structure of intensive treatment with the flexibility of outpatient care.

Yellowstone Recovery’s low-cost intensive outpatient programs for treatment in Orange County guide clients along the path to freedom while allowing them to maintain their independence and support themselves.

A recovering patient and his significant other talking with a counselor about IOP.

Who Should Consider the Intensive Outpatient Program?

Our IOP program in Orange County works well for those who need more support and structure than traditional outpatient treatment programs; it also helps people who:

  • Suffer repeated relapses
  • Experience strong cravings
  • Live in a high-risk environment
  • Can’t enter an inpatient rehab facility because of financial or personal concerns
  • Are transitioning from inpatient rehab to independent living

What Does “Intensive” Mean?

Intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse disorders requires a greater commitment than traditional outpatient rehab programs.

Participants in our IOP treatment in Orange County must attend at least four group therapy sessions per week and one individual therapy session every other week for a total of nine to ten hours per week. As far as living arrangements are concerned, clients can stay with family or enter a sober living facility—a safe, substance-free environment that keeps them away from temptations and enabling influences.

What Does “Outpatient” Mean?

Outpatient means clients don’t have to live at a facility around the clock. Since the meetings take place in the evening, they can still hold a full-time job during the day. That allows clients to maintain their independence and to support themselves while they undergo comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment. Such flexibility, along with the absence of medically supervised detox, separates intensive outpatient treatment from inpatient programs.

Why Choose Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Individuals often move through several levels of addiction treatment as they progress in their recovery journey. Our IOP programs in Orange County are ideal if:

  • You want to devote as much time as possible to your outpatient recovery.
  • You’ve completed detox and need a structured but flexible treatment option.
  • You can’t enter an inpatient facility but you need more support than outpatient care.
  • You would prefer to transition gradually from inpatient rehab to independent living.
  • You want to apply lessons learned in inpatient rehab in the context of continued care.

How to Choose an IOP Program

When choosing treatment, it’s important that you don’t just settle for the closest, cheapest, or fastest program you can find. For the best chances of long-term success, you should be focused on how a given facility or program can address your unique needs.

A counselor answering questions from a patient about the rehab center’s IOP program.

When choosing an IOP program, consider the following:

  • What are the facility’s resources like? Do their methods sound like a good fit for you? Are there certain values or beliefs you’d like a rehab to focus on?
  • Do you require detox for an active addiction? If so, you might be better suited to a residential inpatient program than outpatient or IOP.
  • How much external guidance do you need? If you don’t need detox but would prefer significant support and structure to keep you on track, IOP is probably a good middle-ground choice.

Does Insurance Cover Treatment?

Most insurance carriers consider addiction treatment to be a fundamental component of any health care plan. That being said, there’s a question of what kind of treatment an insurance provider will allow and how much they’ll cover. To determine that, most providers turn to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), which has developed guidelines that establish who may receive what kind of care. The ASAM placement criteria identify four levels of treatment.

To find out whether your insurance policy will cover treatment at Yellowstone Recovery and how much they’re willing to pay, simply fill out the online form on our insurance eligibility page.

What Are the ASAM Four Levels of Care?

In general, the ASAM recommends that people receive the least restrictive care possible to treat their condition. This determination can affect whether insurance companies authorize (and, therefore, cover) a particular treatment plan.

Starting with Level 0.5, which deals with those who are “at risk” of addiction, the guidelines then detail four separate levels of treatment:

  • Level 1: Outpatient Treatment
    • For those who enjoy a stable environment and who don’t need much external structure or support
  • Level 2: Intensive Outpatient Treatment
    • For those who need an extra layer of structure and support but don’t need the full-time care offered by an inpatient facility
  • Level 3: Inpatient Treatment
    • For those who need the support of a 24-hour living facility that isolates them from temptations and provides supervision around the clock
  • Level 4: Medically Supervised Inpatient Treatment
    • For those who need advanced 24-hour medical supervision to manage withdrawals and mental health services

Depending on the level of treatment and the details of your policy, your insurance company may or may not authorize a particular treatment program. By filling out the form on our insurance resource page, you can find out what your plan will cover at our facility.

What Does the Treatment Plan Involve?

At Yellowstone Recovery, we offer a personalized evidence-based IOP program in Orange County designed to help people from all walks of life conquer their addiction to alcohol or drugs. Our affordable intensive outpatient alcohol treatment and drug rehab program sets the stage for lifelong sobriety through a combination of therapeutic techniques and resources.

Intensive outpatient treatment plans focus on important concepts like stress management, interpersonal relationships, and relapse prevention. If a client has specific issues that require special attention, such as mental illness or a history of domestic abuse, their treatment plan will be adjusted appropriately.

Group Therapy

Yellowstone Recovery’s IOP programs emphasize community-based care, of which group therapy forms a central part. Support groups give participants the opportunity to meet other people who struggle with similar problems. Under the supervision of a trained substance abuse counselor, they’re able to share their stories and support each other through the ordeal of recovery.

Recovering patients and a counselor chatting in an IOP’s group therapy session.

The moment people enter a group environment, they realize they’re not alone and that others face similar challenges. This reassurance in itself can offer therapeutic value. In some cases, clients are able to communicate thoughts or emotions that they had kept bottled up for years. Finally, the members of an addiction group can hold each other accountable, increasing the likelihood that their recovery will rest on stable ground.

Individual Therapy

Group therapy forms the core of any intensive outpatient program, but participants also have access to one-on-one counseling. As part of the program, clients must meet with their counselor once every other week to discuss their recovery. During the meeting, a trained counselor or therapist will help the client overcome the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that stand in the way of sobriety.

Family Therapy

When addiction strikes, the family is often the first to suffer. At Yellowstone Recovery, clients gather with their loved ones to sort through the issues that have torn them apart. The therapy sessions also equip family members to deal with challenges that will arise during the course of the recovery process, giving them the tools they need to offer continuing support even after the individual has completed their outpatient treatment.

Other Methods

Yellowstone Recovery’s intensive outpatient programs also employ the 12-step model of addiction recovery. A proven method for helping clients beat alcohol and drug abuse, the 12-step informs our approach to treatment and helps us deliver the best care to each of our clients.

Expectations and Accountability

IOP clients are expected to consistently attend scheduled programming in order to remain compliant with their treatment plan. IOP patients may also be asked to take a drug test (at the staff’s discretion) to ensure that they have not been using substances during treatment.

What Are the Benefits of the Program?

Why take part in intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse disorders? Why not opt for an outpatient program or a residential treatment facility? The right choice depends on your unique situation, but IOP does offer some advantages over other programs.

Such advantages include:

  • More structure than traditional outpatient programs
  • More support than outpatient care
  • More time to explore issues and learn new skills
  • Deeper immersion in the recovery process
  • More flexibility than inpatient treatment programs
  • The ability to maintain a normal work/life schedule

Yellowstone Recovery Offers Affordable IOP Treatment in Orange County

A counselor answering questions from a patient and helping him in the fight against addiction.

If you need help with addiction but do not require medical detox, our intensive outpatient rehab in Orange County, CA can help. With our compassionate staff, evidence-based techniques, and individualized care plans, we’ve helped more than 5,000 clients overcome their addictions since 1997. Many of our staff members are graduates of our programs (tested regularly for sobriety), which allows clients to connect with staff and feel truly understood.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we believe that everyone should be able to seek the help they need without worrying about the money. If you need treatment but aren’t sure if you can pay for it, our friendly staff can help you determine what your insurance policy will pay for and discuss financing options as needed.

To learn more about Yellowstone Recovery’s intensive outpatient program in Orange County, CA, call us today at (888) 418-4188.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is This a 12-Step Program?

The 12-step concept does play a role in our therapeutic process, but we are not strictly a 12-step program. As a full rehab facility, we use a variety of clinically backed methods and resources to help clients achieve their goals.

Will I Be Prescribed Medications?

If it is within the scope of the program and a facility doctor deems it necessary, you may be prescribed an addiction medication to help with symptoms. Medication is not otherwise a required part of IOP.

Can My Family Participate in My Treatment?

Building healthy relationships with family is a key part of addiction recovery. Our treatment programs include family therapy sessions, and your loved ones can also receive additional support.

Will I Have Access to Help After Treatment?

Yes! Once you have completed your program, you can choose to continue care through additional outpatient treatment and/or apply for housing in one of our sober living homes. You can also take advantage of job search assistance and other resources to help with your transition.

How Much Does Orange County IOP Treatment Cost?

Outpatient programs in the U.S. typically fall in the range of $5,000 to $10,000, but the amount you’ll pay for IOP at Yellowstone Recovery depends strongly on your insurance and your individual needs. We can help you determine how much your insurance will pay, as well as help you get collateral-free financing. For more information, visit our insurance resource page and financing page.


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