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Program Services

Yellowstone Recovery provides one of the most affordable alcohol and drug rehab programs in California. For the last 17 years Yellowstone Recovery has provide alcohol and drug rehabilitation services to over 5,000 men and women.

We help clients break free from addiction to:

  • Heroin, Alcohol, Methamphetamine & Cocaine.
  • Designer Drugs - Ecstasy, Spice & Bath Salts.
  • Prescription Drugs - Vicodin, Xanax, Valium & Klonopin

At Yellowstone Recovery we offer a complete continuum of care to our clients. Clients begin in Detoxification where they focus on the physical aspect of addiction for up to 10 days. They then move into primary residential treatment where they work on the mental aspects of addiction. After primary care they will transition to extended care which focuses on re-entry into society. After completion of 90 days in residential treatment clients can then move into sober living and begin attending outpatient treatment for aftercare.

Each client will be presented with the tools they need for a life free from drugs and alcohol. All treatment is individualized for each client to address the core issues affecting recovery. All of our facilities are located within 2 miles of local beach. Family members of clients are welcome to attend our weekly family group where they will learn how to help the client without enabling them.

Group Counseling

Clients attending our drug recovery program in Orange County receive counseling within a group setting on a daily basis. These sessions consist of regular check in’s, process groups and educational groups. Topics for these groups and discussions include but are not limited to relapse prevention, triggers, anger management, art therapy, music therapy, and the family afterward. Our full program curriculum can be found here. Each group is run by a trained counselor and each client’s input is encouraged and valued. Understanding the sharing process at a group level is pivotal in the sobriety of an alcoholic reminding them they are not alone and learning to rely on the recovery community. For more information regarding group counseling please contact our intake and admissions office at (888) 941-9048.

Individual Counseling

Each client will participate in at least one individual session each week with their case manager. Each session is designed for the client to feel free to share about not only their addiction but other co-occurring issues that were a result of their drinking and drug use. Within the safety of these sessions individuals will explore the options of what a new life in recovery looks like, how to cope with stressful life situations and willingness to get down to the causes and conditions of each individuals addiction. Their individual counseling sessions will teach the client about the value of routine, effective communication and how to process feelings in a safe, non-impulsive manner.

Job Placement Assistance

Many alcoholics and addicts face the dilemma of being unemployed. We value the necessity of being self-supportive in all our endeavors and start the process after day 30. The first step on job search is to secure each individual in a sober, solid group of peers to assist them in the employment finding process. We encourage the value of a “get well” job and work with many local businesses on job placement. Our clients learn such basics as; resume writing, mock interviews, learning to use public transportation and ethics in the work place. To learn more about our job placement program call today and speak with one of our intake specialists at (888) 941-9048.

Weekly Family Group

Addiction affects the family as a whole. When the family is dealing with the disease of addiction, everyone suffers. It causes damage and wreckage that is only repaired through time and the recovery process. We understand this at Yellowstone and encourage the members to join us once a week at our Sunday Al-Anon meeting and family participation group. It is of supreme value for each family member to have a safe place to check in and begin their own process of healing. After 30 days of treatment your loved one will begin the reunification process with the family in a secure and protective environment.

Sober Fellowship

We believe in the value of fun and a quality life worth living. The primary purpose of our rehab program is to give you the tools to build that solid foundation as you reshape your sober identity. Yellowstone has been active in the recovery community for 19 years and on any given day you will find many of the Yellowstone Alumni in our houses carrying that message of sobriety and hope to our newest residents. We are involved in many community events, play in a sober softball league, host weekly BBQ’s and continually emphasize the importance of one man or woman helping another. To find out how to join our sober fellowship contact our main offices today at (888) 941-9048.

12 Step Recovery

Yellowstone is a 12 step recovery program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. All clients are required to attend daily AA meetings and actively work with a sponsor. Alcoholics Anonymous approved literature is the basis for many of our book studies and discussion meetings. We expect each client to work the steps to the best of their ability and to take direction from their sponsor. AA teaches clients to get into action and to help other alcoholics.

Affordable Court Liaison/Alternative Sentencing

Yellowstone Recovery works directly with parole, probation and the courts to provide a viable option for alternative sentencing. We can appear in court for you or with you and provide court approved progress letters when documentation of treatment is necessary. Costs associated with these services are minimal and far less than attorney’s fees. If you or a loved one have legal issues that require treatment and the assistance of a court liaison call today and let us help you (888) 941-9048.

Individualized Treatment

No two men or women are identical and we approach the treatment of each client with this idea in mind. Upon intake each client will be assigned a case manager whom they will work with to complete a full bio-psycho-social assessment. The information gathered in the assessment will be used to develop an Individualized Treatment plan. This treatment approach helps the client and case manager address core issues that lead to substance abuse and dependence.


Yellowstone Recovery is now able to process PPO insurance policies to pay for treatment. If you would like to come into our program through insurance please complete our insurance eligibility form located here or contact our intake office at (888) 941-9048. If your benefits do not cover substance abuse treatment Yellowstone Recovery still offers the lowest Private Pay Rates in Southern California.

*Our intake office is fully staffed Monday through Saturday from 9am-5pm. After hours volunteers take to the phones to be of services so no benefits for insurance or intakes can occur after the 5 o'clock hour. Insurance rates and coverage are predetermined by each individual insurance company. Yellowstone Recovery has the lowest Private Pay Rates in Southern California.

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Program Services

  • Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Weekly Family Group
  • Sober Softball Team
  • Sober Fellowship
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Puppy Therapy
  • Affordable Court Liaison

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