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The Consequences of a Xanax Addiction

With typical drug usage, tolerance usually takes around six months of use. However, because of the mental and physical side effects of Xanax, it’s very possible to become dependent even quicker. In fact, 44% of users become fully dependent on benzos.

Are you addicted to Xanax? Looking for a way to kick the habit? Here’s what you should know about the consequences of Xanax addiction, as well as how benzo addiction treatment can help get your life back on track.

What’s Xanax Used For?

Have you ever wondered “what does Xanax do?” Xanax is commonly prescribed to treat panic and anxiety disorders. The drug is part of a class of medications known as benzodiazepines that act as central nervous system depressants. When taken, the drug causes the brain to release higher levels of dopamine. This has a very calming effect on the mind and body. High levels of dopamine lead to less panic, worry, and anxiety.

When taken as prescribed, Xanax is a very powerful drug for patients who suffer from debilitating anxiety. However, the drug is highly addictive because of its calming high and easy availability.

How Xanax Affects the Brain

Xanax affects the brain in many ways. First, it causes increased levels of dopamine. As dopamine rushes throughout the brain, the patient experiences a sense of calm and even euphoria.

Because these feelings offer a release from anxiety and daily worries, users are at a high risk of becoming addicted to the drug. In fact, Xanax has proven to be just as addictive as GHB, cannabinoids, and even opioids. These Xanax side effects may seem positive, but they’re the reason why so many users become addicts.

Aside from lowered levels of panic and anxiety, Xanax can also cause forgetfulness, irritability, and feelings of sadness.

How Xanax Affects the Body

Just as Xanax relaxes the brain, it also relaxes the body. After taking Xanax, you’re more likely to feel much less tense. Aside from feeling relaxed, other common Xanax effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of appetite
  • Changes in speech
  • Unsteadiness

Even if you take Xanax for a short period of time, there’s a great chance that your body will start to build up a physical tolerance to it. This is because the brain slows GABA production, which means you’ll need a higher dosage of Xanax to achieve the initial feeling of relaxation and euphoria.

Stopping Xanax suddenly can cause a wide range of side effects, especially as the body begins to withdrawal from the drug. Withdrawal can lead to problems with sleeping, depression, anxiety, depression, and even seizures.

Dangers of Xanax Addiction

So, what’s so wrong about taking a drug that’s meant to relax your mind and body? There are all sorts of dangers that you need to know about, including the effects of short- and long-term use of Xanax.

In the short term, users will notice that they quickly become dependent on the drug. As the brain slows GABA production, it seeks the same euphoric feeling that was felt the first time. This leads to higher levels of tolerance. When used for long periods of time, Xanax creates a physical and mental dependence. Long-term use of the drug can lead to suicidal thoughts, memory damages, and emotional changes.

Stopping Xanax can cause seizures and other harmful side effects. If you’re considering kicking your Xanax habit, consult a team of medical professionals.

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End Your Benzo Addiction

Xanax addiction can be deadly. If you’re ready to kick your Xanax addiction for good, we’ve got just the treatment you need. Not only do we offer detox, we also have inpatient, outpatient, and sober living treatments. Our goal is to get you clean and help you stay clean forever!

Don’t go another day in the chains of benzo addiction. Call our team at (888) 418-4188 for life-saving treatment.



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