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Why You Should Consider Going Technology-Free After Rehab

Just about every rehab center has the same blackout policy upon admission,including Orange County drug rehab centers. Many patients feel that this is a punishment for them, but, the truth of the matter is, that it is an integral part of the recovery process. In some cases, even television viewing is limited or not permitted. That’s because the focus needs to be on one’s self, and not the outside world. That focus should continue after exiting drug rehab in order to help the client build the connections, strength, and confidence required to function sober in a world that has ongoing chaos.


Eliminate Unnecessary Stimuli

A large part of addiction is responding to stimuli. Some addicts use drugs as a response to stress. That stress is caused by some external situation, or an external trigger that created an internal situation. With the amount of stimuli significantly reduced, it is much easier to deal with the really important things. Some of these things include connecting with loved ones, getting into a healthy daily routine, and so forth.

Focus on the Here and Now

Social media is a great way to stay connected with loved ones. At the same time, it’s also a great way to be exposed to elements of the lives of friends and loved ones that you don’t really need to be exposed to right now. This is especially true when many addicts connect with their dealers or using buddies through text and social media outlets. Without all of that, it’s possible to be around the people and situations that are healthy, with no distractions.

Not all low cost drug rehab centers operate in the same manner, but this one method is basically the same everywhere, simply because it works. When individuals eliminate these distractions at home, they soon find themselves in a healthy routine that isn’t fueled by ongoing real-time stress. In fact, this method is so effective, that individuals who use it often end up surprised when someone they used to know goes out of their way to contact them. That’s because they are now busy living life instead of avoiding it.


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