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Bio-Psycho-Social Assesment: How it Helps Patients

Drug addictions start for a variety of reasons. Some people begin taking drugs due to stress or depression. Others might feel peer pressure to try a drug. Still others might begin a slow descent into drug addiction because of pain and pain medications. Although the end result is all the same, it is important to identify and understand the reason behind these addictions.

When deciding the best treatment plan to use to help a recovering drug addict, it’s important to understand why they became addicted in the first place. It’s also important to understand the triggers that can cause a relapse. By knowing these important factors, Yellowstone Recovery can help create an individual treatment plan that is more likely to work.

One way that Yellowstone Recovery does this is by using a bio-psycho-social assessment. Continue reading the following infographic in order to understand more about this assessment, as well as how it can help patients recovering from drug addiction.

Infographic Yellowstone August2015 Sml

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    Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

    Intensive OutPatient treatment (IOP) helps people establish the foundations for lifelong sobriety…

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    Our California alcohol and drug addiction treatment program is predicated on restoring you to your ideal health. Detox is a crucial part…

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    Primary Care – Residential Treatment

    The first phase of our program is primary care. During this phase clients will be in a 30-day “blackout” period…

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    Residential Treatment – Extended Care

    Residential treatment extended care starts on day 31 and goes through day 90. This period is very important for a client in early recovery…

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    Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient treatment serves as aftercare for clients who have completed extended care (90 days of residential treatment)…

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    Sober Living

    Sober living at Yellowstone begins after the initial residential treatment portion of the program is successfully completed…

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    Weekday Schedule

    Detox and Residential Treatment

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    Experiential Therapy

    Experiential Therapy is therapy of the mind rather than the body. It is a tool to help…

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