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Spice Explained

Walk into any Orange County rehab and ask them about the dangers of Spice. You’ll find that there are too many to list, simply because what goes into the mixture includes a variety of herbs, as advertised, but also includes synthetic elements that are often unknown and usually untested. This is probably one of the most dangerous parts of Spice, because when it hurts people, doctors have a hard time treating the condition, because they aren’t sure exactly what chemicals they are dealing with at the time.

Spice and All Its Names

Spice goes under a variety of names. Most Orange County rehab centers have a list that they simply keep adding to as they hear more slang terms. Most commonly the drug is known as Spice, K2, or synthetic marijuana. Obviously, some of these names can be misleading. For example, there is no such thing as synthetic marijuana, but, since most people assume marijuana is harmless, the name leads them to believe that Spice is harmless, as well.

Synthetic marijuana would be man-made marijuana, but Spice does include herbs, none of which are marijuana. The synthetic element is what is added to the herbs. The reason is it called synthetic marijuana is because those who live in states where marijuana is illegal will often turn to Spice as a temporary substitute.

More Marketing Ploys

Spice is marketed under a variety of packages and names, but all of them include herbs and chemicals. The packaging is colorful and attractive … and comes with a disclaimer that is in place only for the protection of the maker and retailer, not the buyer. Spice packages instruct the user not to consume the material, but to use it as incense. This disclaimer helps prevent lawsuits that can come from the dangers of people consuming the herbs, usually by smoking them.

Most consumers that buy Spice will tell you that the product is marketed in this way to avoid any issues with the FDA, making them feel like a rebel against the institution. While that disclaimer certainly does help companies avoid issues with the FDA, it is also a convenient method for the companies to avoid responsibility when it comes to the dangerous outcomes of smoking Spice.

Addictions and Complications

One of the complaints that users have about Spice is that the effects don’t last as long as marijuana does. Some people also claim that it makes them act differently or have a skewed thought process. Because of the limited time that Spice offers a “buzz,” users don’t necessarily become addicted, but they do use more frequently in order to maintain the same type of high. Addiction is difficult to assess, because manufacturers keep changing the chemical makeup of the product, so even Orange County rehabs may have difficulty assessing exactly what the user has been using. Nevertheless, even a habit can be treated as an addiction with suggested appropriate coping skills, options, and an in-depth look at why the user feels any use of chemicals is necessary at all.

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