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How Meth Affects the Body

As big as the problem of meth addiction is, it would seem that only those employed at an Orange County rehab center know all the damage it can do to individuals and families. However, for some, it is just hard to understand what meth actually does to the body. On the outside, people only see the end affects: the gaunt appearance and toothless grin. From the inside, the meth trap is one of such seduction that the negative side hardly seems consequential at the time of use.

Why Do People Use Meth?

This is probably the biggest question of all. The answer is full of irony. The very reason that people use meth is the very thing that causes the worst long-term damage. Consider your last incredible sexual experience. Not the run of the mill everyday stuff, but the stuff that makes you wonder what else you have missed out on. Now, imagine that same sensation multiplied by 12.

Dopamine is the chemical that tells your body to feel pleasure. Meth causes such large amounts of dopamine to be released, that the pleasure sensation is literally overwhelming, and users keep going back for it. It sounds like a wonder drug, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to go there?

You might love chocolate cake, but if that’s all your taste buds taste for days on end, pretty soon it is going to make you gag. The dopamine receptors react in much the same way. They are so overwhelmed with these surges, that pretty soon they can’t even be activated, but the user doesn’t know that. In fact, they just use more, in an effort to recapture that feeling, though absolutely nothing but time to heal is going to make those receptors function.

What About the Corrosive Chemicals?

So many of the chemicals used in meth are corrosive that it’s impossible not to be damaged by them, from the smoke that eats away at the delicate layers of the eyes, to the corrosion that settles on the teeth, literally eating away at the enamel. The scent is so strong that you don’t have to see the person when they walk in the low-cost drug rehab, because you can smell the chemicals on them.

What Is Meth Mouth?

Blood vessels and receptors have the potential to heal, but corroded teeth aren’t growing back. Meth makes the saliva glands dry out. Saliva is what keeps the acid that breaks down food from breaking down your mouth. Now the acids eat the enamel off the teeth, which are being ground down with every meth session. On top of that is a diet devoid of calcium and other minerals, coupled with a complete lack of hygiene.

Why Do Meth Users Look So Old?

People who use meth seem to age overnight. This is because the drug causes the blood vessels to constrict so much that the body has limited means of healing itself. This means your skin starts to dry out and heal slowly, but you’re also creating your own sores at the same time.

In short, meth literally destroys all the things that make your body able to heal, from the sense of pleasure that makes us want to live, to the very scientific process of physically protecting and healing specific elements.

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