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Tips for Managing the Pressures of College Life

Every generation faces its own challenges. While one generation faced the challenge to be the perfect family with a white picket fence, the latest generation faces the challenge of obtaining a degree before managing a career and family. All of the elements of that challenge can come together and be so overwhelming that it can lead to mental health issues, and/or seeking out an unhealthy escape from a reality that sometimes seems to be more than one person can handle. Recently, students have turned to “Molly,” another name for Ecstasy, a powerful drug.

About Molly

Molly, or Ecstasy, usually isn’t a student’s first choice. By the time you try this drug, you’ve probably had a few drinks in your life and maybe even smoked some marijuana. But Ecstasy is unlike anything else you have likely ever done. It isn’t the kind of thing you “do a little bit of,” and then go to class. In fact, you probably aren’t going to do anything productive while you are on this drug.

Molly enhances your senses so that everything you touch is a pleasure to touch. The things you see may be distorted or more vivid than usual. The drug creates an overall feeling of euphoria and makes you wish you could enjoy all of the elements of life like that all the time. Your pleasure center is on fire and, when it comes to sex, it isn’t that you are more sexually inclined, it’s simply that every touch feels good, and you want to share your love with everyone.

All of this comes with a price, and that price may be higher than you ever imagined. That one night of euphoria could be your last night of anything.

Molly triggers the pleasure center, but it also enhances your circulatory system in a way that makes your core temperature rise. There is a reason that our bodies try to maintain a specific temperature. Anything above it can put a serious stress on your heart and cause you to have a heart attack, dehydrate without realizing it, and other complications that can arise faster than you realize.

There Is a Way Out

No one doubts the pressure that is placed on today’s college students. You have to get the best grades, find ways to add unique elements to your professional resume, absorb tons of new knowledge, and, on top of all that, at a very young age you are supposed to have your whole life planned out and make sure you don’t step out of line even for a moment. When the pressure becomes too much, you might sometimes be tempted to seek solace in an alternate reality, if even for a night. However, this plan of action could eventually lead to studying in one of the Orange County treatment centers rather than in your college dorm.

If you need help managing your stress or think you may be facing the long road of addiction, Yellowstone Recovery can help. Here you can learn how to manage your stress and set goals that will be a perfect fit for your life and dreams.

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