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Is It Safe for Me to Detox at Home?

What is detox?

What Is DetoxIf you have been drinking a lot or taking drugs for a long time, your body has gotten used to having that substance in your body. Once you stop drinking or taking the drugs, your body starts going through a process of withdrawal. This can happen as soon as a couple of hours after stopping, and it can last for weeks. You may experience several symptoms, including stress, headaches, hallucinations, sweating and weight loss. A severe kind of withdrawal from alcohol is delirium tremens, or DTs, which is characterized by rapid heartbeat as well as seizures and confusion and has a 1 to 5 percent fatality rate.

Is there a way to predict who will go through withdrawal?

People who have become addicted have different possible signs. You may have developed a tolerance such that you require more and more of the alcohol and/or drugs to feel the “high”. Trying and failing to quit is another sign of addiction. And it is a good indicator that you have a problem if you have continued to use alcohol or drugs even after your substance use has caused problems in your personal life (such as issues in your relationships or job, or problems with the law.)

What would happen if I tried to detox at home?

Detoxing is dangerous; many people with substance abuse issues become seriously ill while detoxing. Without the proper medical attention, detoxing can even be fatal in some instances. If you detox at home, you may need constant care. You will need to make sure that whoever is helping you, whether a friend or family member, is able to maintain constant watch over you in case you become seriously ill. He or she may need to take you to a hospital if your symptoms become bad enough. Underlying health conditions that you may not even know about could exacerbate your reaction, making it even more dangerous.

What is the alternative to detoxing at home?

If you choose to detox at a facility, qualified medical personnel will be available to assist you as you go through withdrawal. They can evaluate your progress and provide any kind of palliative care you need. If your symptoms become dangerous, they can immediately treat you. Continual observation and experienced caregivers will minimize the risks inherent in detoxing.

Is It Safe For Me To Detox At Home

Are there other advantages to detoxing at a facility?

Beating an addiction isn’t as easy as just quitting the drug; chemical dependency isn’t the only tether that ties an individual to a substance. If you detox at a facility, you will have an individual treatment program that takes into account your other needs. Those who successfully recover from addiction must learn to deal with everyday stresses. Before you leave, you will make a long-term plan that may include counseling, medication or attendance at 12-step meetings. Yellowstone Recovery is an Orange County drug detox and rehab facility that can help you overcome your chemical dependency and develop an action plan and support network before you leave.




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