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Drug And Alcohol Recovery Orange CountyYellowstone Recovery understands how difficult it is to make a commitment to recovery. Their drug and alcohol recovery center in Orange County is designed to ensure your successful recovery, from detox and residential treatment to outpatient and sober living. If addiction has become too much for you to deal with, make a call to Yellowstone Recovery at 888-418-4188.

If you haven’t yet gone through detox, you’ll want to be surrounded by a professional staff that is able to ensure you remain comfortable during the detox process. When you arrive at Yellowstone Recovery, you’ll undergo a bio-psycho-social assessment that will help their staff determine the substance you’ve been using and the amount, which will assist them in identifying what type of issues will likely interfere with your recovery.

Detox at Yellowstone’s drug and alcohol recovery center in Orange County is achieved through the ‘cold turkey’ method or with the assistance of medication. The staff at Yellowstone will discuss these options with you at the time of your admittance so that you can make the right choice when it comes to detoxing. Yellowstone recommends Medication-assisted detox only in extreme cases, however it can be very comforting knowing that it is an options available to you.

If you or a loved one is currently suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction and are ready to make a positive change in your life, contact Yellowstone Recovery at 888-418-4188. While it can be scary or intimidating to think about going through the withdrawals of detox, you won’t be alone.

After detox, Primary Care Residential Treatment is the next step toward recovery. There is an initial 30-day blackout period at the beginning phase of residential treatment to provide the client with time for themselves and time for their family to take a much needed deep breath, knowing their loved one is being cared for in a safe place. The Day Program Curriculum at Yellowstone includes the following:

– Personal Growth
– Family Values
– Boundaries and Barriers
– Core Values of Recovery
– Physiology and Effects
– Recovery Potential Discussion
– Re-entry
– Peer Evaluation Group
– Spiritual Growth
– Early Recovery Skills
– Recover Techniques
– Anger Management
– Relapse Prevention
– Educational Videos

Clients at Yellowstone’s drug and alcohol recovery center in Orange County wake up in residential treatment and participate in morning mediation, then head out to Day Treatment where they will spend time together with members of other houses, learning about the disease of addiction. Clients learn how to work together to maintain long-term sobriety.

After Day Treatment, clients will enjoy dinner as a family, complete more work assignments and perform chores. In the evenings, clients attend their 12-step meetings with other house members. Weekends are designed to provide rest and relaxation, activity, and fellowship, along with a diminished schedule of curriculum.

More than 5,000 men and women have found their path to recovery through Yellowstone’s drug and alcohol recovery center in Orange County. If you’re ready to join their ranks in sobriety, call Yellowstone today at 888-418-4188. Drug And Alcohol Recovery Orange County

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