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Drug Addiction Rehab Programs*

Drug Addiction Rehab Programs can provide you with the tools you need to change your life and maintain long term sobriety. Residential programs like Yellowstone Recovery offer everything residents need to get sober. All a resident needs to bring for themselves is 7-10 days of comfortable clothing, tobacco products and special items they want. Every Resident will attend individual counseling sessions with a case worker twice a week. Group counseling sessions are held Monday thru Friday from 9am to 4pm and all residents are expected to participate. Each night residents will attend a local 12-step meeting with staff supervision. When the resident enters the structure of the program they will immediately begin learning the tools required for long term sobriety.


Upon intake to one of our drug addiction rehab programs each resident will be assigned a certified counselor who will be their case manager. The case manager acts as a guide in sobriety, working with the resident to develop a treatment plan. The case manager and resident will regularly assess progress made to achieving the goals of the treatment plan. Each week the resident will have two individual counseling session with their case worker where they work together to get down to the root causes of their addiction.

The cornerstone of our drug addiction rehab programs is Day Treatment (group counseling). Monday thru Friday from 9am to 4pm all residents will attend group counseling sessions when they are not meeting with their case manager for an individual session. The group topics vary on a daily basis. Residents will attend groups on Personal Growth, Physiology and Effects, Relapse Prevention, Recovery Techniques, Anger Management, Family Values, Boundaries and Barriers & Art Therapy. The goal of these groups is to arm the residents with facts about themselves, the disease and the tools they have available. At least once per day the residents will be of a Peer Process Group where they will discuss current issues and get feedback from their peers about how to walk through the situation sober.

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Not all drug addiction rehab programs introduce their residents to the 12-step programs of recovery. At Yellowstone we believe the 12-steps (of any program) are part of the keys to successfully maintaining long term sobriety. Every night each house will attend a 12-step meeting supervised by their house manager. The locations vary, but all the meetings are local within 10 miles of our homes. Residents are encouraged to find a sponsor which like their case manger is another resource and guide in sobriety. Sponsors will help walk residents through the 12-steps of recovery which have been proven to work for millions of people since the first 12-step program began in the 1930′s.

The Yellowstone drug addiction rehabilitations programs offer a full program of recovery. Each resident has a case manager to help get down to the root causes of the residents addiction. They will attend Day treatment to connect with other addicts like themselves. Residents will be introduced to 12-step meetings where they can see men and women with years of sobriety so they know it is possible to live drug free. Drug Addiction Rehab Programs can provide you with the tools you need to change your life and maintain long term sobriety.

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